Burberry’s Newest Fragrance Celebrates the Heroic Spirit of Man
Burberry’s Newest Fragrance Celebrates the Heroic Spirit of Man

To exude this instinctive spirit of a hero, the campaign ambassador, American actor Adam Driver explores new spaces and challenges stereotypes with the Hero Eau De Parfum

The power of reconnecting with one’s natural instinct is perhaps the most primal one, as is his desire to explore, just like a hero. Building on this basic instinct and taking it to the realm of the sensory awakening, Burberry has launched Hero Eau De Parfum. This newest fragrance from Burberry’s Hero range has been especially curated to awaken the spirit of a hero within a man. The inspiration for this perfume is therefore a man’s sense of exploration with a centered sensibility, as it impels the wearer to embrace his extraordinary self. Inspired by his memory of the mighty Landes Forest in the south of France, where fine trees grow close to the ocean, perfume Aurelian Guicahard has created the Hero Eau De Parfum for Burberry.



Since the aroma that he wanted to emulate was the marriage of the fragrance of pine needles with wafts of warm sand and sea spray, this scent opens with the vibrant notes of pine needle, which seamlessly then melt into the intoxicating notes of benzoin and incense, sitting atop Burberry’s signature warm base note of cedarwood oils. The sensual and crystallised resins included in this fragrance represent the power of reconnecting with one’s natural instinct.


The campaign, directed Jonathan Glazer and captured by Mario Sorrenti, showcases the adventurous yet enigmatic Adam Driver amid the natural beauty of a rocky coastline, with a horse — the perfect embodiment of strength. Both leap into the unknown, overcome challenges, and transform into new beings, while retaining their essence and individuality.


Just like the fragrance, the bottle, engraved with the Burberry logo, is also modern yet strong, and comes in a form that’s an abstract reinterpretation of a horse’s hoof, while the Thomas Burberry monogram pays reference and homage to the founder of the brand.


Images: Burberry

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