Bugatti CEO Shelves Plan To Make An Electric SUV, Here’s Why
Why Bugatti Won’t Make An Suv?   

Not sure if we’re happy or sad about this

It’s been raining SUVs for the past couple of years now, with manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and even Ferrari coming up with their own take on the segment. But amidst this SUV flood, there’s a manufacturer who has refused to be swept away by the tide. Just recently French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti explained why it doesn’t want to buy into the SUV frenzy.   


Image credits: Bugatti   


It should be noted that the company once had a plan to expand its portfolio with an all-electric SUV. However, it now appears to be scrapped. A little over a week ago, CEO Matt Rimac confirmed that Bugatti will not be entering the popular segment, owing to its brand image.   


In a report published by Autocar, the company’s design director Achim Anscheidt addressed the issue, saying “We always had an idea of what a second model line could be. But then we were also [thinking] at one point, are you starting to sell out the brand? What do you do with this precious logo? Will a step like this be too brutal, by selling that logo for some numbers?”  


Image credits: Bugatti   


Bugatti has never been in the high-volume product offering race, with its primary focus being on producing exclusive products. This was again confirmed by Anscheidt, who commented “If one does [bring out every day/second model], I’m always a big fan of balancing this, not to forget the roots of the company or to [create] something more exclusive. This means that if you go into slightly more volumes, you should go more exclusive on the other side, so this remains the core product and it balances this.”  


The news doesn’t come as a surprise. Long-time enthusiasts know that Bugatti’s ethos is built on the philosophy of “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.” Hence, the SUV will have to do something revolutionary to not be compared with its competition.   


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