Boost Your Fertility With This Cooling Underwear
Boost Your Fertility With This Cooling Underwear

Snowballs, a cooling underwear designed to tackle infertility, arrives in India

The commuter stuck behind ten thousand others trying to get on the local may argue that India has no trouble when it comes to fertility, but the truth is the problem has become more rife than ever. 12-18 million Indian couples are diagnosed with infertility every year, and the average sperm count of an Indian adult male has gone from 60 million/ml to 20 million/ml. There are several environmental and lifestyle factors which have been linked to declining sperm counts, from smoking menthols to a lack of exercise. 


Snowballs was launched in the US to address infertility in men and help couples conceive. Testicles are found outside the body because the ideal temperature to store sperm needs to be cooler than core body temperature, and Snowballs helps with maintaining that temperature. 


A comfortable, stretch organic cotton boxer brief, Snowballs allows men to pursue a natural fertility solution instead of investing in more expensive and invasive options. The simple effectiveness of cooling on fertility has been widely known for decades, but pharmaceutical companies have obstructed research in order to produce more expensive and profitable products and procedures. 


The Snowballs Fertility Pack starts at Rs. 4500, and includes two pairs of boxer-briefs, three unique cooling SnowWedges, and A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooling, a booklet detailing what else men can do to maximize their odds of fatherhood. 

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