Your Binge Guide For The Summer
Your Binge Guide For The Summer

Quick update on what to binge on, this summer

Need a quick update on what to watch this month? We’ve got you covered.


MAKING IT, Hotstar



WHEN: July


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A reality competition series about people taking on different projects, creating interesting objects based on various skill sets. This seems like a show that is going to be worth being hooked to – imagine a Masterchef for product designing, if you will. Shot outdoors and apparently unscripted, this should be a fun combination of comedy and craftspersonship. Why comedy, you ask?


SPECIAL MENTION: Because the show will be hosted by – drum roll – Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. be“incraftable”. We agree. #RonAndLeslie4Lyf







WHEN: June


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Based on the acclaimed novels by Edward St. Aubyn, the show tells the story of a man from a posh British family with a scarred childhood and a crippling addiction problem. Riveting, honest and wickedly funny, the show traces Melrose’s personal journey – his sombre days in the UK, a difficult childhood with his dad and raucous parties in New York. The drama is a fantastic portrait of a broken individual, told with trademark British caustic humour.


SPECIAL MENTION: Did we tell you that it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Melrose? You’re welcome




POSE, Amazon Prime Video



WHEN: June


 WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Ryan Murphy is back with a kaleidoscopic cocktail of dance, music and drama. Set in 1986, Pose explores the marriage of various segments of life and society in New York, the rise of Trump-like opulence in the commercial universe, the newly evolved downtown social and literary scene and the power-packed ball culture. Trust Murphy to make a splash, as usual.


 SPECIAL MENTION: The show boasts the largest transgender cast to date in any TV show, and also stars hot shots like Kate Mara and hottie Tatiana Maslany







WHEN: June


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A dysfunctional family fights over who will be in charge of the global entertainment company that it family owns. A heady cocktail of money, power and politics, the show promises to celebrate great writing and solid performances, with a fresh cast. Think of it as an Empire on coke – with less bling.


 SPECIAL MENTION: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are the executive producers







WHEN: July


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A policeman, the mafia, a Bollywood film star, politicians, cultists, spies and terrorists – this is one blood, lust and gun fest you cannot miss. Based on the novel by Vikram Chandra, the show follows the lives of various characters in Mumbai – the privileged, the famous, the wretched and the bloodthirsty – and watches them interweave with catastrophic consequences.


 SPECIAL MENTION: Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte – five reasons why you should definitely not miss this show.







WHEN: June


 WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Ronny’s whole life is based on a lie. To the world, he is the nephew of the local MLA, and a youth leader who solves people’s problems. But in reality, Ronny is a jobless 25-year old with no relation to the MLA who shares his surname. The show explores Ronny’s adventures as he gets stuck in multiple situations because of this lie. A dig at India’s nepotistic name-dropping culture, this show is definitely a cool new satire to look forward to.


SPECIAL MENTION: Zakir Khan fans, this one’s for you.







WHEN: June


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Sense8 fans around the world made this finale happen after the global support the show received after news of its cancellation was announced last year. The first example of social media activation leading to the revival of a show, Sense8’s finale will definitely be an event every cluster is looking forward to.


 SPECIAL MENTION: You are getting to watch the 8 all over again. If that is not cause for celebration, I don’t know what is.




DIETLAND, Amazon Prime Video



WHEN: June


WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Dietland is about a ghostwriter for the editor of one of New York’s hottest fashion magazines, who struggles with fat shaming and sexual abuse. Soon, she encounters two factions: a sisterhood which may be responsible for attacking male harassers (and causing their violent deaths), and another which preaches peaceful female empowerment. Equal parts revenge fantasy and a story of self-acceptance, Dietland is a dark comedy that explores a multitude of issues faced by women today – patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture and idiotic beauty standards.


SPECIAL MENTION: The premise. The premise. The premise.



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