Big Budget Hollywood Movies Which Were Axed
Batgirl to Scoob!: Hollywood Mega Movies That Got Axed Mid-Way Due To Budget Issues

Money can make or break a movie. And in these cases, it unfortunately did the latter.

Moviemaking is a dicey business. With every passing year, the budgets of the movies continue to see an upward curve. And, since it is one of the most flourishing businesses there is, the avenue continues to be considered an investor’s delight. On the upside, there are times when the film earns double its investment and it is a win-win situation for all. But, there have also been times when movies get shelved due to budget issues and creative differences. Alas, it’s been a recurring issue with a spate of mega movies lately. Here’s our list that will make you want to twiddle your thumbs and wish for a miracle!



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Based on the DC comics’ Barbara Gordon, this movie was supposed to release in 2022. Leslie Grace, who is a singer and an actress, would have been seen in the lead role if things had transpired as per plan. The movie’s budget was $80 million. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a peak of almost $90 million. The shooting schedules were almost through, but according to the reports, the production house took a step back to focus on theatrical projects over its streaming counterparts.


Scoob!: Holiday Haunt

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The first animated instalment of this series Scoob! was shifted from a theatrical release to a digital one in 2020. Fast forward to 2022, when the audiences were gearing up for its sequel, according to the reports, the movie had to be shelved. Its budget was estimated at around $40 million. This movie would have made for a balmy afternoon watch, as it traces the journey of Scooby and Shaggy, who go on an adventure with their friends.


The Wonder Twins

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As per popular reports, Warner Bros had announced in May that the team had taken the decision to not go ahead with the movie The Wonder Twins. This would have been a planned live-action movie on a brother-sister duo of planet Exxor named Zan and Jayna. KJ Apa and Isabel May were supposed to play the leads in this one. The estimated budget for it was $75 million and the management wasn’t sure if they were equipped enough to handle it.



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In 2015, a Star Wars Anthology film titled Solo was announced. It had Lord and Miller in the lead role. When the shoot started in 2017, a series of events ensued, an acting coach was hired and Ron Howards replaced Lord and Miller. Due to this, the budget rose up to $125 million. Eventually, the movie was axed.



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This action movie starring John Cena and Jackie Chan was almost through, a couple of years ago, but fate had other plans. The finances of the entire film were funded by Chinese firms. However, when the ties between US and China trade started witnessing issues, the movie received the shorter end of the stick. And while a good film with two action heroes would have been a visual treat for the audience, this mega project never saw the light of the day.


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