Bharat: Why So Butthurt, Salman Khan?
Bharat: Why So Butthurt, Salman Khan?

Salman Khan still appears to be angry that Priyanka Chopra quit Bharat

Priyanka Chopra is a lot of things – a National Award-winning actress, a certified rock star, a fashion icon but there’s one thing that she’s not . . . she’s not one to mince words. Chopra didn’t get to where she is by letting people walk over her. Known as much for her shade as she is for playing Alex Parrish on Quantico, our favourite desi girl has given us many memorable moments when all we’ve wanted to do is stand up and applaud.


However, it appears that Salman Khan isn’t too pleased with the actress. We all know that she was supposed to play Katrina Kaif’s role in Bharat but walked out – a fact that didn’t exactly sit well with Khan.

In an interview, Khan speaks about how Bharat could be the biggest release of her career and yet she chose to leave the film to get married. 

Watch the video below:

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Naturally, social media erupted in flames post this interview with people bashing Khan for his comments. They also praised Katrina Kaif for keeping her cool and trying to deviate the conversation from Chopra.


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