AIB with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor

“Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, the two skidmarks in the commode that is Bollywood”


That is how Ashish Shakya of AIB introduced the two stars when he started his performance at the first celebrity roast to ever be conducted in India. The ‘Roast’ is a public/televised event where certain celebrities are invited to sit through a comedy session in which their friends and stand-up comedians make fun of them, insult and deride their work. And it is as filthy as it can get. While it has been a common feature in America and Europe, considering how thin-skinned Indian celebrities are, this is quite a giant leap for them – laughing at themselves.


From Karan Johar’s alleged homosexuality to Arjun Kapoor’s acting talent (the lack of it) and weight issues, Ranveer Singh’s nymphomania to Rajeev Masand being a nobody, an audience of 4000 people were treated to a no-limit evening of insults, toilet humour, filthy criticism, racist jokes and offensive abuses. And mind you, you have no idea how outrageous it is unless you see it.  Done in three parts, they are definitely the funniest videos any Indian web content channel has ever produced.


The roast master was Karan Johar. Sample some of his jokes:


“Arjun Kapoor hasn’t even finished 12th grade but he plays an IIM graduate in 2 States. Also, in the film, he’s a north Indian who falls for a hot south Indian. That’s just like Boney Kapoor.”


The dig of the night was of course the one Johar cracked about Ranveer Singh while talking about his films – “The best thing you have ever been in is Deepika Padukone”.


Sitting in the front row were other actors like Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt who were seen laughing uncontrollably and being a sport about the jokes cracked at their behest. Ashish Shakya said, “The reason why Lootera was based on the Last Leaf (O. Henry’s short story) was because Sonakshi Sinha ate the rest of them. Actually no, she does not eat salads.” Rohan Joshi lamented, “We wanted to get Ranbir Kapoor but managed only Ranveer Singh – which is what even Deepika did.”


This is definitely a refreshing change for the comedy scene in the country and we can’t wait for the next Roast. Watch the videos, if you haven’t yet.



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