Berleigh Will Launch Its Footwear And Accessories Store In Mumbai, And We Cannot Keep Calm
Berleigh Will Launch Its Footwear And Accessories Store In Mumbai, And We Cannot Keep Calm

The luxury multi-brand footwear and accessories store brings together the finest products from celebrated brands across the globe.

Berleigh, the luxury multi-brand footwear and accessories store which brings together the finest products from celebrated brands across the globe, is finally going to be launched in Mumbai this month. And it’s all set to house exclusive brands such as Andres Sendra, Duke + Dexter, Magnanni, Heel & Buckle signature collection & Badgley Mischka.


We spoke to the creative teams of Andres Sendra and Dukes + Dexter about the how menswear footwear requirements differ in Asian and markets, the hottest trends across the globe, and more. Take a look.


How are menswear footwear requirements different in the Asian and Indian markets as compared to the America and Europe?


Andres Sendra: Menswear in American and European markets is more evolved and experimental than their Indian counterparts but there is a gradual shift happening here now as well. One of the key differences is weather – with most Indian and South East Asian countries having hot and humid climates, the materials in demand as well as the upkeep of shoes varies.


Duke + Dexter: Asian clients tend to enjoy using their footwear as an expression of their personality and enjoy completing their outfits with bolder styles. The climate can often be a factor and all footwear has got to be breathable to adapt with the changeable weather.





What are the hottest trends right now? How long will they last?


Andres Sendra: Oxfords and Monk Straps in a myriad of hues, gradients and great patina work are trending big the world over. They’re classics with an edge that will never go out of style and instantly make any man look suave and dapper. They’re great for formal and semi-formal occasions.


Duke + Dexter: Camoflague is certainly having its moment currently and we believe this will last over the summer and into autumn.


With loafers and monks being really big in India right now, what are – unfortunately – the biggest mistakes you notice with men wearing them?


Andres Sendra: Untailored, unstructured and ill-fitted pants paired with loafers and monks are a complete no-no. Also, some people step out with unpolished shoes or shoes that are not preserved well with a shoe tree. This makes the shoe look terrible as it looses its shape. You need to polish these regularly otherwise they begin to appear lacklustre.


Duke + Dexter: I’ve always thought the cut of the trousers being worn is so crucial to get right. It’s never a good look when people wear baggy trousers over great shoes and I’d recommend well-tailored chinos/jeans to enhance the look.





How long do you think the whole sneakers-with-suits trend last? Why do you think it is staying around this long?


Andres Sendra: Athleisure is having a field day and hence, these are really popular right now. Oxfords and monk straps are classic. They’ve been around for years and will be for many more years to come. But one thing’s for sure, nothing looks more debonair than a man in a suit and great looking shoes.


Duke + Dexter: There’s been a big move towards the more casual end of the spectrum with fashion in the workplace. Sneakers are a very dynamic style of shoe which is constantly progressing but I don’t think we’ll see them worn with suits as they become more innovative. Any sneaker worn with a suit has got to have a minimalist aesthetic.


Athleisure is huge right now, globally. How would you comment on the trend?


Andres Sendra: Great as a trend but we believe that Andres Sendra shoes are a wardrobe classic!


Duke + Dexter: Comfort is so vital in footwear and fashion. It gives the wearer confidence and they’re therefore more likely to purchase again.


Give me one footwear trend that should be shot dead right now.


Andres Sendra: The Vibram – 5 Fingers shoes.


Duke + Dexter: Stitched toe shoes!

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