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Cutting-Edge Therapies and Recovery Techniques for Athletes

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If I could name only two kinds of people who need to be at a wellness centre at least twice a month, I’d say our mothers and athletes, no matter the sport. While you see them active and energised on the field, the truth is no one needs a rejuvenating therapy session more than sportspeople. Add the ordeal of dealing with extreme weather conditions and unanticipated injuries to the mix, and it becomes a case study about why an athlete should indulge in recovery treatments frequently. “Understanding the most common sports injuries in recreational athletes, the best recovery approaches, and effective prevention strategies is crucial for maintaining an active lifestyle,” says Christopher Petra, Consultant for Sports and Exercise Medicine, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital.  


One of the most trusted and traditional regimes that athletes follow for recovery is RICE protocol which means rest, ice, compression and elevation for initial pain management. However, it doesn’t work for cases that require prolonged treatment or therapies for rejuvenation. “The best recovery approach varies depending on the injury. Proper rehabilitation, including physical therapy and a gradual return to activity, is essential for a successful recovery,” says Dr Petra. Here’s a list of rejuvenation therapies for sportsmen that can help them relax while easing pain and boosting performance. 


Whole Body or Localised Cryotherapy 


This involves the application of extreme cold air, with temperature ranging between -80 to -110 degree Celsius, to rejuvenate the body and overall wellness. It also helps in speeding up recovery and thus, is trusted by athletes across the world. It’s proven to be effective for pain and inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and skin conditions like dermatitis. Localised cryotherapy focuses on a targeted pain or injury area with cold air temperature as low as –160 degree Celsius to help release muscle tension in that area. 


Oxygen Therapy 


This one focuses on wound healing, immunity boosting, and enhancing cognitive and mental ability, something that athletes would need to work in a routine. The therapy involves breathing in pure oxygen in a special chamber where the pressure is two-to-three times higher than normal. This helps in better lung function and improved concentration. It is especially suitable for those who are looking to enhance their athletic performance and energy levels. 


IV Therapy 


One of the most popular therapies among sportsmen today, IV therapies is one of the easiest ways to enhance your energy levels. It’s a great way to get back to your normal energy levels after suffering an injury and having a sluggish routine during the recovery, thanks to vitamins and nutrients being injected directly into the bloodstream through a drip. One can pick and choose the mix of antioxidants, electrolytes and other essential fluids. While it’s a ‘hot trend’ these days and is being done at multiple clinics, make sure to choose the one with credibility and necessary certifications of professionals. IV therapy works as a quick energy boost in the recovery phase. 


Compression Therapy 


This helps in reducing body soreness and enhancing flexibility, especially for those who indulge in rigorous workouts, or are suffering from workout or sport-related injury. It helps with lymphatic drainage, removing toxins, while lowering water retention in the body, managing pain and stiffness, accelerating recovery, and reducing inflammation. It is most suitable for those who are looking to work on their post-injury recovery. 


Laser Therapy 


This therapy specifically works on releasing trigger points of muscle tension and pain. It increases energy production of cells which helps in reducing inflammation and a range of conditions such as musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and sports injuries. Think of accelerated tissue repair and cell growth to help reduce pain. 


Red Light Therapy 


Apart from the fact that it’s great for the skin and collagen production, red light therapy for the body helps in reviving sluggish energy levels and improving sleep. Well-suited for athletes who are looking to work on their performance level, the longer wavelength red light penetrates deep into the muscle tissue relieving joint pain and inflammation, improving muscle recovery and even helping with conditions like thyroid. 

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