Ask The Expert: Bhavisha Dave and Meenakshi Singh
Ask The Expert: Bhavisha Dave and Meenakshi Singh

We asked the experts to help style your clothes so you don’t have to

Fashion and style conundrums, deciphered and explained, by Bhavisha Dave and Meenakshi Singh, founders of streetwear platform, Capsul.


I wish to invest in some of the latest sneakers of 2022. Which one would you suggest? 


New Balance has come in strong this year. Any classic pair of NB would be great to invest in. Get the NB550 — a great silhouette for your sneaker closet. And Crocs — The Saleh Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog collab is a must cop. Nike Nocta Hot Step Air Terra, inspired by ’90s basketball style, and for the skate lovers, the Vans X Notre OG Style.


I am new to the streetwear and sneaker world. According to you, in what ways can I start?


A classic streetwear logo tee from Carhartt WIP or HUF or The Hundreds is a great first buy, paired with a pair of relaxed, ankle-length bottoms or leisure pants from Carhartt WIP or HUF. A pair of triple white AF1s to go with this fit, and a side bag or bucket hat to complete the look. If you’re slightly adventurous, opt for a pair of mesh shorts with the tee for a perfect summer look. Pair it with mid socks and slides or even sneakers, and you’ve got a winning look.



What are some of the homegrown streetwear brands that one should go for?


Almost Gods, Biskit, IMWIP, Styl-o are some of the most interesting homegrown streetwear labels with unique, distinct identities. Any of these are a great addition to your wardrobe. In what ways can one take care of their sneakers? What shoe-care products are a must-have? Please share some guidelines. Fresh sneakers can elevate a look, so it’s important to keep your sneakers clean. Before wearing any sneaker, spray on the Jason Markk repel spray. A box of sneaker wipes by Jason Markk or Reshoevn8r are a must-carry for on-the-go sneaker care. And lastly, given the tropical climate of India, a deodoriser is a must in your sneaker care arsenal.



According to you, what streetwear trend will be the new hit this year and in what ways?


Shirts and shirts-shorts coordinates will be the new hit this year, paired along with mid-length socks and sneakers or slides. Bucket hats are likely to be big this season as well. And statement denim, like the ones from Pleasures.


Bhavisha Dave and Meenakshi Singh are the founders of Capsul, India’s first multi-brand streetwear store


I want to experiment with pop-coloured graphic tees. In what ways can I style them? Which brands should I go for?


From plain logo tees to favourite movie posters, and colourful illustrations/artworks created by artists, graphic tees are an all- time favourite and a classic when it comes to fashion. They are conversation starters and a way of self-expression. Streetwear Brand Market is the champion when it comes to graphic tees. Cherman’s brand Market believes in the power of print, and offers an esoteric take on the concepts their designs represent. Tees go well with everything, from denim/pants to shorts. It’s the easiest item to announce your streetwear affinity.

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