Are you #TeamJennifer or #TeamJolie?
Are you #TeamJennifer or #TeamJolie?

No one cares. Everyone should really calm down and stop turning this into a revenge saga.


So the world had to come to terms with some shocking news last night – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have decided to call it quits. And everyone, from random people on Facebook to entertainment and news websites started behaving like Indian aunties, trying to find out every single nitty-gritty detail about this very personal situation.


What? Why? When? How? Who will have the kids? Why have so many kids then? Was Jolie cheating on him? Was Brad cheating on her? Is Marion Cotillard involved? What is the settlement amount? Who gets the mansions?


And for some weird reason, the whole world thought that this was a good moment to drag Jennifer Aniston into this whole circus and give it a juicy revenge angle. I have seen people tweet #TeamJennifer and – surprise surprise – it is a trending hashtag again since the Aniston-Pitt split (not that we had hashtags back then but you get my point).


Two adults have decided to end their marriage. I am sure it is a troubling time for both of them given that they are public figures and are expected to look drop-dead-gorgeous even while giving birth or playing rugby. Pitt and Jolie have been minutely scrutinized all their lives, and handling their divorce might already be a PR nightmare for their managers. So, let them be. They are unhappy. They have a lot of stuff to figure out I guess, especially their six children, for whom this will not be easy. You know they are not together anymore. Unfortunately, the tabloids will serve you every single detail for the next few weeks. Maybe, you could try and not show so much excitement and curiosity about someone else’s unhappiness?



And dragging Aniston into this mess is a new low. She is happily married and has had a lot of trouble moving on (no, she is not BFFs with me, but well, I read E! and the Daily Mail too) and anyway, stirring up things for someone’s ex is unpleasant and unnecessary. I wouldn’t mind if the world was split into Team Pitt and Team Jolie – if you absolutely had nothing else to do, that is – but turning this into a revenge saga is unnecessary.


It is funny how we become the same Pammi aunties we despise when they are nosy about our lives.

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