We Already Know The Story Of Ajay Devgn Starrer Raid
We Already Know The Story Of Ajay Devgn Starrer Raid

If only he had chosen to not show up in his overdone cop avatar again.

Ajay Devgn is back this weekend with Raid, a film about an income tax officer hell-bent on uprooting corruption and black money. This isn’t the first time Ajay Devgn is playing a righteous government individual. He has done so in Gangaajal, Singham, Singham Returns and Apaharan to name a few. 


In Raid too, Devgn looks to be playing someone similar going by the trailer of the film. 

One Honest Man Against The System

He might be transferred many times, but that doesn’t mean his honesty and his desire to serve the nation have diminished. He’ll fight it out and maintain his authoritative attitude. 


Allies Have A Change Of Heart

Initially, his allies (fellow tax inspectors) will feel like he is going to be transferred again and his reign won’t last long. Ultimately though, they’ll have a change of heart and join in the honest tax officer’s bandwagon. They’ll not be scared of the big, bad villains because they have Ajay Devgn’s hand above their heads. 

An Unnecessary Romantic Angle Thrown In

In Raid too, you have love songs. Such an angle is completely unnecessary in a film of this nature. Yet, it is thrown in so that the music of the film brings in some money. 

Crackling Monologues

Who can forget Ajay Devgn’s monologues in Singham. Especially, the duel he has with Prakash Raj in a police station. Expect more of that in Raid too. To be fair to Ajay, he is in sublime form when delivering these monologues and few actors can match his anger. 


Eventual Victory

Even though the odds will be stacked against Ajay, he will eventually win because duh, everyone in India likes to see the righteous man win in a film. Even those with black money in their coffers. Don’t expect anything different to happen in Raid too. Mind you, the victory might come at the cost of some loss – a dead fellow tax inspector maybe, just to tug the audience’s heartstrings. 

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