Alia Bhatt's Savage Replies To Journalists: Indian President Answer, Working While Pregnancy
5 Controversial Things Alia Bhatt Once Said That Actually Make Sense Now

The actress who started her career in 2012, with Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

2022 is the year of Alia Bhatt . Right from her debut as a producer to stepping into motherhood, she is doing it all. The actress who started her career in 2012, with Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, has carved a niche for herself in the industry. But with every passing year, she is getting smarter with her retorts to inane comments. As someone who was once called ‘dumb’ statements has really come a long way. She not only gives out articulate replies, now but coats them with dollops of sarcasm! Here are a few: 


She Is Okay With People Calling Her Dumb 

In 2013, Bhatt sent netizens into a tizzy after she called Prithviraj Chauhan the president of India on the Koffee With Karan Show( She soon earned the title of being ‘dumb’ by trolls, who couldn’t stop at just that. Years later, the Brahmastra actress replied to that troll in an interview recently. She said that it is good that people call her unintelligent. Because all this meme material just adds to her popularity. She believes that more than bookish intelligence, emotional intelligence is needed to survive in the world in today’s time.  


Why Can’t A Pregnant Woman Continue Working? 

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Her Netflix film Darlings released on August 5 in India. It marks her debut on the OTT platform as an actor and producer. While promoting the film, everyone had questions pertaining to her pregnancy which she’d announced in June 2022. When asked about working during her pregnancy she said, “Agar aap fit ho, healthy ho, fine ho toh koi rest lene ki zarurat hai hi nahi. Kaam karna mujhe sukoon deta hai, meri passion hai.”  


She further added, “It keeps my heart, my soul everything alive and charged. Toh main toh matlab 100 saal ki umar tak kaam karungi.” 

What Happens To The Money After A movie Fails To Impress? 

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In a recent interview, Commenting on what should happen after a film tanks at the box office, the 29-year-old actress said, “I agree that stars’ salaries should be balanced out against the budget of the film. But then, I am no one to tell anyone what they should charge, kyunki main toh choti hun.” Bhatt also stated how actors and producers are now thinking in the same direction when a film fails at the box office.  


Not Focusing On ‘Nonsensical Eyebrows’  

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When Bhatt announced her pregnancy, she was at the receiving end of many negative comments as well. But she didn’t mince her words for the trollers, and said in an interview, “When you talk about the noisy people, I kind of expected them to say something because every beautiful thing has a detractor. Chaand pe bhi daag hai. I wasn’t surprised by the negative reactions nor was I bothered by them. I feel these things originate from a very stupid and shallow space. I remember only the good things and there’s still so much love coming in. Why not focus on the positivity instead of focusing on a few nonsensical eyebrows.” 


Hear, All You Casual Sexists  

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In another interview, she talked about how annoyed she gets when people pass sexist comments around her. She said, “But it’s not about that, just random things like ‘don’t be so sensitive, you’re being so sensitive, are you PMSing. To hell with you, I am not being sensitive, and even if I am PMSing so the hell what? You were born because women were PMSing. It gets me so annoying when people say these random things. It’s just casual. Things like ‘your bra shouldn’t be on a bed, hide the bra.’ Why hide it? Its clothes, you’re flashing your underwear I am not saying anything. It’s not like it has happened with me actively, but there is a certain understanding of how you should hide a lot of things as a woman.” 


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