Actresses Who Played The Role Of Queen Elizabeth On Screen
8 Iconic Roles In Hollywood That Capture The Magic Of Queen Elizabeth II

While the demise of the Queen marks the end of an era, here’s remembering some of the most iconic roles in Hollywood that left an indelible impression on the minds of audiences.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, breathed her last on September 8, 2022, much to the aghast of staunch royal loyalists the world over. An official confirmation followed shortly after, and condolences for the iconic Queen began pouring in on social media and otherwise. While the demise of the Queen marks the end of an era, here’s remembering some of the most iconic roles in Hollywood that left an indelible impression on the minds of audiences.


Come, Let’s Take A Look

Claire Foy  

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The Crown, aka one of Netflix’s most popular series, gives viewers a never-seen-before insight into the functioning of the British royal family. The story details how Elizabeth ascended the throne at 25, marking the start of a new chapter in UK’s history. In an interview, Foy said, “I think we all knew that we had 20 episodes to live as those characters and tell that story, so we just cherished it really. I’m proud that I was a part of that show. So there are no feelings, really. I just have pure pride in being a part of something that so many people have taken to heart.” 


Olivia Colman  

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After Foy, two subsequent seasons of The Crown saw Colman step into the shoes of the Queen– on screen, of course. The actress was roped in when the makers wanted to shift the narrative of the plot to a time when the late Queen Elizabeth II grew into a middle-aged woman. In an interview, Colman revealed it was one of the most challenging roles in her career so far.


Imelda Staunton 

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Staunton took on the mantle to play the Queen in The Crown in its last installment. The final season gave viewers a peek into the Queen’s life, responsibilities and evolution in the 90s. In an interview, Staunton stated how she loved binge-watching the show, and even lauded the works of both the actresses who played the part in the earlier seasons of the series. Staunton further averred how the opportunity felt like an honor of a lifetime.


Helen Mirren  

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Mirren portrayed the role of the Queen twice in her life. Fans first saw her play the Queen in 2006, in a biographical film, The Queen. Fast forward to 2013, Mirren enacted the role again for a play named The Audience. Rumors are rife that Mirren even penned a heartwarming note to the Queen after she played the monarch in the 2006 British biographical drama.


Emma Thompson

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In 2012’s TV show Walking The Dogs, Thompson played the role of the Queen with absolute panache. The plot traces the spine-chilling break-in incident that occurred in Buckingham Palace, almost 40 years ago. A man named Michael Fagan once broke into the Queen’s while she was asleep.


Sarah Gadon 

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Gadon did justice to her role as the Queen in the movie, A Royal Night Out. The movie traces the life of the two sisters i.e. the queen and her sister Margaret at a time when they were teenagers. Bel Powley played the role of Margaret.  


Jane Alexander  

In 2011, Alexander played the role of the Queen in William & Catherine: A Royal Romance. The movie sheds light on the candyfloss romance of Kate Middleton and Prince William, during their courtship days, when Middleton was a student, while the Duke of Cambridge was training at the Army Academy. The story goes deeper into their dating life and a heartwrenching breakup, followed by an eventual reconciliation.

Maggie Sullivan 

In 2018, Sullivan played the Queen in the movie Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance. True to its title, this was based on the whirlwind romance of Harry and Meghan. The movie saw two sequels as well i.e. Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal and Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace.

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