A Shoe for Regular Runners: The Go RUN Ride 10
A Shoe for Regular Runners: The Go RUN Ride 10

Skechers GO RUN Ride 10 looks great on your feet and feels awesome on a run

When Skechers launched the GoRun series of shoes, they seemed like a simple yet great value for money offering at a modest price. They weren’t the most hyped running sneaker out there then but given the Skechers legacy – and the tempting prices to back it up – many people tried them initially as a secondary (training day) pair. Very soon though surprised by their comfort, grip and overall positive experience, more people switched preferences and Skechers became their main running shoe.


A few years down the road, Skechers now boasts an impressive line-up of running shoes, each suited for a different running requirement, and budget — still remaining among the most aggressively priced pairs on the market.


Credits: Skechers


I recently got to run (train, and also race) in a pair of the Skechers GoRun Ride 10, the latest iteration of one of their most popular running shoes. The shoe had the same DNA which made me enjoy the earlier versions. What struck me immediately, even before I wore them, was how incredibly light it was. It is almost featherweight. And then there was the interesting combination of colours: striped blue-on-blue pattern with a luminescent midsole in (shocking) green. I took it on a long run. The experience was thoroughly satisfying. The show felt fast, nimble, and premium. 


The Hyper Burst sole, Skechers’ proprietary cushioning midsole, was highly responsive and ultra-lightweight, with a nice cushy feel on the trot. I enjoyed this on long runs where the legs felt fresh even after a pacey 10-miler. 


Skechers’ patented Arch Fit insole system (a podiatrist-certified arch support) provides good support while gently caressing the feet. This becomes most useful when going around corners or bends, where the heel needs all the lateral grip to keep it from buckling under. It’s also great if you’re over or under-pronate. 


And then there is the Goodyear performance outsole, nicely grippy and always ready for a rough day out, be it on tarmac or light trail. This sole’s durability is another plus point which will hopefully allow me more miles before the need for a replacement. 


One very enjoyable trait was that even on the first run the shoe didn’t feel as if it had to be broken in. I didn’t feel like I needed to adapt my stride or gait, it all felt quite natural. The shoe being light yet grippy definitely helped. It was quite a cushy ride and perhaps that is one reason why I’d prefer this more for training and long runs than short quick jaunts. The responsiveness is good but one can’t have a cushy feel and returns  in equal amounts as they enjoy an inverse relationship. The GO RUN Ride 10 provides a balance between the two and that is what makes it a great, solid pair.


Credits: Skechers


Although they don’t talk much about it, Skechers uses laces which have a light stretch to them so even mid-run one doesn’t feel the need to tighten  them for tension.  Find a sweet spot and go a soft tug higher and the stretch will  adapt to your feet while the leg is in motion, especially during  long runs, where some people see their feet swell.   


All in all, Skechers has once again delivered a great value-for-money shoe which packs in truly premium features, a shoe that looks great on your feet and feels awesome on a run!


Lead Image: Skechers

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