A Shirt Guide For The Coming Week


It’s possible to have only 12 shirts in your wardrobe and still be prepared for practically any occasion. Here’s how. 





No wardrobe is complete without one. You can wear this one absolutely anywhere and look fully appropriate. Besides, it pairs well with jackets and/or pants of any colour. Heck, it might even be a good idea to get a second (with a subtle self print, perhaps). When in doubt, bring this one out.


Dress Shirt



Ray & Dale 


Any guy who wants to be a sartorial hit at a black tie event needs a snazzy tuxedo, so by default, he needs a dress shirt too. Sure, you may not use the shirt elsewhere, but the attention you’ll get the few times you do will make it a worthy purchase.


Micro Prints





If you aren’t the kind to sport large, colourful prints, their subtle cousins are a good bet. Micro dots, flowers, stars or the more ambitious yachts, moons and spaceships — take your pick.


Bold Colours



Want to stand out at work without trying too hard? Just swap out your pastel shirt for a solid bold one. Red, pink, green and orange are all bound to make the impact you desire





16 Stitches


For when you aren’t in the mood for white; and for the staple party uniform for lazy men, when paired with indigo denims and tan or brown accessories. It’s a slimming colour too, for when you’re guilty of skipping crunches at the gym.







It’s a trend that just won’t fade away, and trust us, jumping onto the bandwagon won’t feel like you’re trying too hard. Denim shirts are effortlessly stylish, but it’s vital to pick the perfect size. Get one that fits close to the body, but is not too snug. Wear it as it is on date night or casual Friday, or unbuttoned over a T-shirt when hanging out with friends.


Mandarin Collar





You’ve got to have these in your closet, and not just because they’re the only ones you can wear with your bundi jacket. Mandarin collars have this miraculous ability to suit the purpose you want them to — they’ll look perfectly in sync with your traditional or casual look, depending on how you style it.





Ermenegildo Zegna


The other work shirt, which plays by more or less the same rules as its checked cousin. Horizontal stripes are not the best idea, though. Leave those for sweaters and polos. Opt for thinner, vertical stripes in contrasting or monochrome shades.





You’re going to be spoilt for choice, because the world loves checks, and that isn’t about to change any time soon. Our tip — invest in a couple of formal and casual checked shirts each. Lighter shades and smaller checks for work; brighter, bigger ones for daily use.





Thomas Pink 


Yes, they’re close to your checked shirts in a lot of ways, but they’re a lot more youthful and fun. Flannel variants work superbly in the colder months and are appropriate for most day events.





Marks & Spencer


You won’t see them around a lot, but no one can deny their convenience in dank weather. Lighter colours are perfectly appropriate for work, unless office guidelines specify otherwise. And darker ones are great for all kinds of outings. Play around with patterns and invest in some fun variations.







You’ll want these light breezy shirts for warmer weather, which most of India sees plenty of. The same shirt — a pastel shade, preferably — is versatile enough to be worn to non-blue collar offices,Sunday brunch or as the perfect holiday shirt.

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