A New Era of Luxury: The Collective Expands in Mumbai
A New Era of Luxury: The Collective Expands in Mumbai

We catch up with the exclusive multibrand boutique's Brand Head, Amit Pande, on luxury, expansion, and more

Nestled in the bustling heart of Mumbai, The Collective, India's premier luxury multi-brand retail concept, has expanded its footprint with the launch of its second store on Linking Road. Spanning an impressive 11,000 square feet, the new store offers an unparalleled assortment of global fashion brands for both men and women under one roof. The grand opening of The Collective’s Linking Road store was a lavish affair, marked by an evening of high fashion and indulgence. The store’s launch event was graced by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, setting a glamorous tone for the evening. The brand's latest Spring/Summer Collection, featuring names like Polo Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Ted Baker, Hugo, Moschino, Kenzo, and Philip Plein, was unveiled in a spectacular fashion show. The runway, set against the backdrop of the new store, came alive with a vibrant display of creativity and elegance, leaving the audience spellbound.


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We had the opportunity to explore the new store and speak with Amit Pande, Brand Head of The Collective & International Brands at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. With a background rich in both retail and brand management, Pande’s leadership has been instrumental in steering The Collective towards new heights. Our conversation delved into the brand’s expansion strategy, its unique market positioning, and the vision for the future. Excerpts:


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As The Collective opens its new flagship store, could you share some insights into the brand's expansion strategy and how you envision future growth in the retail market?

The Collective has established itself as the first-choice destination for luxury in India. We see through our E-commerce and other customer demand multiple markets maturing to receive a store over the next 3-5 years. We have an aggressive strategy to expand to new emerging markets plus new high-quality malls.


Choosing Linking Road as the location for the new flagship store is quite strategic. Could you elaborate on the significance of this location within Mumbai’s retail landscape and how it aligns with The Collective’s market positioning?

Bandra, Santa Cruz, Juhu are one of our core catchments in Bombay. It is also one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in the city. It was only natural for us to look at a large store in this area.


You are introducing new international brands to The Collective’s offerings this year. Could you give us a glimpse into these new additions and how they complement the existing curated collection?

We add new brands every season. The direction of our evolution is to cater to new emerging fashion trends. The consumer is becoming younger, and we are evolving our portfolio to reflect that shift. You will see the addition of new brands again next season, which we will reveal soon.


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This year marks the 15th anniversary of The Collective. Could you reflect on some of the key milestones and achievements that have defined the brand's journey so far?

The Collective started out as an unparalleled innovative format 15 years ago. We have stayed true to our founding philosophy of delivering unparalleled customer service and an eclectic brand selection. Today we have a national reach and strong relationships with our clients, some of whom have been with us since our launch. Today, with the launch of a large high-street store at Linking Road, we are truly in a new era for our business.


With your commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, how does The Collective ensure it remains at the forefront of luxury retail, especially in a market as dynamic as India?

Delivering The Collective experience every day on all occasions does not come easy but is a joy for us. Our team strives very hard to make sure all customers get their needs and wants addressed. This leads to deep loyal relationships, our most valuable asset.


Looking ahead, what are some of the challenges and opportunities you foresee for The Collective, and how is the brand preparing to address these in the evolving retail environment?

Future success for brands will come from an ability to create a meaningful, differentiated brand experience. Digital will be an inherent part of delivering that experience across all touchpoints. In a lot of ways, our core philosophy of customer service makes us future-proof. Always pushing the envelope on fashion, never a dull moment, keeps us interesting and relevant. Of course, we are evolving and improving various elements of our mix, almost with a fresh eye every time we think about it. Making our experience relevant for a younger audience is one of the top priorities.

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