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World Environment Day: Grooming Brands That Need Your Attention If you Care for The Planet

Beyond recycling 

As a grooming and wellness editor, I get media kit and packages almost every week. To say that I live in constant guilt of wasting product and packaging won’t be a lie. Even the ingredients that go in the making of a product, their sources, and the process used to extract them have an impact on the environment, beyond the product’s packaging and trade practices. Case in point: the environment is facing the brunt of every new brand that comes out and each product we add to our shelf or toss after its expiry.  


However, there are a few brands that are trying to give back to the planet through their practices. While, environment needs our constant attention, World Environment Day is a good day to remind ourselves of the brands that are doing their bit and need our support. 


The Body Shop 

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One of the oldest in the beauty business, The Body Shop walked the sustainability path so the others could run. From being one of the first to launch its ‘Return, recycle, Repeat’ program under which the consumer is encouraged to bring back their empty bottles for refills or plastic waste to be returned to the brand. Also, the brand’s Community Fair Trade program has done noteworthy work in supporting local communities and implementing sustainable practices. Make sure to try their body butter that comes in an aluminum packaging now. 



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Another brand that has sustainability at the core of its ethos, L’Occitane is known for its eco-refill initiative that encourages consumers to refill their empty bottles and buy refill packaging rather than investing in a new full-size product. If you are new to the brand, try their Almond Shower Oil that also comes in a refill pack for the empties. 



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Minimal packaging, usage of recycled plastic for packaging, no harsh chemicals, this homegrown brand boasts of its sustainable practices. With high quality organic ingredients, the brand has some effective offerings that are cruelty-free and gentle on the environment. Try their Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil and Anti-tan Juicy Tomato Soap if you haven’t tried anything from the brand yet. 


Juicy Chemistry 

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One of the first few homegrown brands to make its presence felt in the industry, Juicy Chemistry products are free of any harmful chemicals, don’t harm marine life, come with recyclable packaging and are against any animal testing. The brand, to an extent, should be credited for the comeback of soap bars. If you plan to make a switch to sustainable products, try their Lime, Ginger and Rice Soap, and Blood Orange and Germanium Deodorant.  


Old School Ritual 

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A new entry to the homegrown space, Old School Rituals is a new age beauty brand that combines ancient practices with modern touch. However, what the brand doesn’t compromise on is its sustainable practices; from product ingredients to their accompaniments like spatula and mixing bowls, all are created without harmful chemicals and artificial dyes. Arrack of Rice & Banana Cleansing Nectar and Beets and Sweet Orange Concoction Lip Butter are a couple of their most popular offerings for men. 



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Created to simplify skincare, Aminu has been a hit in the homegrown among consumers who look for effective formulas and a simple routine. The product range is vegan, Made Safe Certified, and doesn’t contain any micro plastic or beads. Check the brand for its A-HA Face wash and body wash for the best shower experience. 

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