Grooming Products To Take From Your Partner’s Vanity
5 Grooming Products That You Can Borrow From Your Partner’s Vanity

There is no such thing as ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ in grooming products

Raise your hand if you are the one who uses one product for your head to toe grooming while your partner follows an eight-step skin and hair care routine. While it could be intimidating for you, we’d say make good use of it because what’s guaranteed is a free access to good products and effective results. For most of you, your partner will be proud if you ask for a different serum and face cream for your morning and evening routine, however if you’re with a one who doesn’t enjoy sharing, here’s a list of products that you can secretly borrow from her shelf.




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A sunscreen doesn’t discriminate so it’s the safest and most effective product that you share with your partner, unless she’s using an SPF stick which must not be shared. Make sure you put a good amount of it before you step out because sun spares no one!


Hair Gel


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One of the most misleading things you may see is brands promoting hair styling products separately for men and women. Here’s a piece of information–you can definitely use the same hair gel that your partner uses. Believe me, if she trusts a product with her sleek bun to stay put throughout the day, it can definitely keep your hairstyle in place. You may want to see her trick using it for getting the maximum hold!


Face Mist

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No, face misting it’s not a girl’s thing, in fact, there’s no such thing. Taking note of the heat outside, we’d recommend keeping a mini size handy in your bag, especially if you are out in the field or travelling. One quick spritz is all you need to get your skin back to life.


Hair Bond Repair Products

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If you have heard her using bond repair for her hair care products, it’s your sign to borrow those from her especially if those are leave-in masks and serums. These products work on maintaining and repairing hair bonds for healthier hair and I haven’t met a man who doesn’t like that.


Hand Cream

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Not asking you to go for different variants from her sweet-smelling stash of hand care products if that’s too much of a stretch for you, but make sure you apply some hand cream before going to bed, at least. Hand care is as important and while it will be ideal to carry one for reapplication throughout the day, commit to applying it twice a day if you don’t want to do so.

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