70 Years Later, Gucci Celebrates Its Iconic Horsebit Loafers At The Milan Fashion Week
Gucci Commemorates 70 Years Of Iconic Horsebit Loafer

This remarkable celebration of 70 years of Horsebit loafer not only pays homage to Gucci’s rich heritage but also exemplifies the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with forward-thinking designs.

On the opening day of Milan Fashion Week, Gucci commemorated the extraordinary legacy of its iconic Horsebit loafer, which has enchanted fashion enthusiasts since the mid-1950s. The event took place at the prestigious art venue, Spazio Maiocchi, located in Milan, renowned as a hub for art, fashion, music, and design. The occasion not only paid homage to Gucci’s heritage but also offered an immersive experience at the event which featured a series of installations, live performances, exhibitions, and videos curated by Alessio Ascari, the creative director of Spazio Maiocchi. Additionally, Gucci unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 Menswear collection adding to the excitement of the event. 


Dubbed “The Gucci Horsebit Society Exhibition,” this showcase features the imaginative works of ten artists, designers, and creatives.  Artist Anna Franceschini curated a captivating collection for the House’s exhibition highlighting a range of accessories and silks from the Gucci Archive, with a particular focus on pieces featuring the Horsebit or equestrian motifs. Among the showcased items was the original loafer from 1953, representing a significant milestone in Gucci’s history. Additionally, the exhibition also featured a striking 3D-printed reinterpretation of the House’s iconic style, created by PET LIGER. Each artist contributed their unique interpretation of the Horsebit Loafer, resulting in a captivating array of installations and audio-visual experiences that breathe new life into this timeless symbol.  

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The Horsebit loafer, originally conceived by Aldo Gucci in 1953, have garnered recognition that extends well beyond the realm of fashion. From President John F. Kennedy to Harry Styles, these shoes have consistently excelled in their enduring popularity. The iconic Horsebit detail, a small replica of a horse’s bridle metal clamp, has become a symbol synonymous with Gucci’s heritage. Over the span of seven decades, it has been incorporated into various styles of belts, handbags, and ready-to-wear pieces. Gucci consistently reinvents the Horsebit loafers, introducing new textures and finishes each season while remaining faithful to their timeless design. In the SS2024 Collection, the loafers take center stage, showcasing a diverse range of designs, colors, and textures, including white and sequin variations. Their enduring success can be attributed, in part, to their superior comfort compared to other formal shoes. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the fine stitching, precise welted edges, and leather lining, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit. The smooth leather upper and minimalistic design make them versatile for effortless pairing with a variety of outfits. 


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Gucci’s captivating spring collection was presented as part of an enchanting art installation, complemented by commissioned artworks specifically created for the exhibition. The garments were gracefully displayed on mannequins, positioned within a room adorned with mesmerizing wallpaper designs. These captivating visuals included pink and blue chainmail patterns inspired by the horsebit, as well as intriguing graphics featuring the Equisterians logo, skillfully crafted by Australian image-maker Ed Davis. The collection seamlessly integrated elements from Gucci’s archives, expertly transforming them into contemporary silhouettes. Classic construction techniques were meticulously preserved, infusing the tailored and sport-inspired pieces with a timeless sense of craftsmanship. The collection embraced amplified proportions, resulting in a bold and modern aesthetic. Notable highlights from the collection include the Horsebit motif co-ord set, a slimmer-cut red three-piece suit, a minimalistic canvas tote bag, and a retro silver sequin ensemble, which also represented Gucci’s daring and experimental approach to fashion. 


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