7 Underrated Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Video

A good horror film is one which leaves you filled with a special kind of terror. This comes after closing your laptop screen in the middle of the night, wondering if the demons are going to haunt you. According to us, there’s no particular time to watch horror movies. 


For those of you’re looking for some underrated content, head over to Amazon Prime Video, turn off the lights and get ready to be spooked. Here are some movies to get you those goosebumps: 


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Mama is a supernatural thriller about two girls found by their uncle after five years of disappearing into the forest. After beginning their new life, they find out that a shadow figure has accompanied them in their new house. 


A quiet place 

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Our very own John Krasinski from The Office stars in this thriller film about a family man who must navigate in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt with the help of sound. 


The possession of Hannah Grace 

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Megan works during the graveyard shift, where she experiences horrific visions and suspects that a corpse is possessed by a demonic force. 



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Orphan is a psychological thriller movie released in 2009. A story of a couple who recently adopted a nine-year-old girl who is really not as innocent as she claims to be. 



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Siyaah is a Pakistani horror film, which portrays the dissociative personality disorder. It is more of a thriller horror story. 


Lights out 

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Released in 2016, Lights Out is a story about a woman who is haunted by a creature that only appears when the lights go out. 


A cure for wellness 

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A cure for wellness is a psychological horror film. It based on an executive who is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from a mysterious “wellness center”


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