5 Times S Sreesanth Proved Why He Is Controversy's Favourite Child
5 Times S Sreesanth Proved Why He Is Controversy’s Favourite Child

Happy Birthday, S Sreesanth. We wish you had reached your full potential as a bowler, but it was not meant to be.

Today is S Sreesanth’s birthday, and even though he was more than a decent bowler, his career was cut short by controversies and scandals. Let’s take a brief look at some of them. 


Got Slapped By Harbhajan Singh

We were all shocked out of our senses when we saw KXIP’s Sreesanth crying profusely after a match. Later, it was found that Sreesanth (he said in an interview) that all the fast bowler did was go up to Harbhajan and say, “Hard luck, Bhajji pa,” in a sarcastic tone. 


Bowled A Beamer At Kevin Pieterson, And Shoulder-Barged Michael Vaughan

Intentionally, Sreesanth shoulder-barged into Michael Vaughan which resulted in him being fined 50% of his match fee. “Cricket is a non-contact sport and any deviation from that fact is completely unacceptable, a point I made to Sreesanth in handing down my verdict,” ICC match referee Ranjan Madugalle said about the incident. In the same match, he also bowled a beamer (a head high full toss) at Kevin Pieterson. 

Was Involved In A Spot-Fixing Scandal 


The mother of all controversies, S Sreesanth was imposed a life ban for spot fixing in IPL. In an interview with Bombay Times, he denied those allegations and said, “I love cricket and am the last person who would get involved in something like spot fixing. Anyone who knows me will think twice before coming to me with such an offer. Because I don’t even listen to the captain before I play a match. I wouldn’t agree to do it even for Rs 100 crore. Also, when you represent the country and play good cricket, you also get plenty of advertisements. The IPL was going on too, so you get to make more than enough for your lifetime, for two or three generations even! Why should I cheat for Rs 10 or 15 lakh?”

Got Really Personal With Graeme Smith

“I love Cape Town and the crowd in South Africa. (Graeme) Smith woke me up, thanks to him. I was a bit asleep in the series. He said to me that I wasn’t good enough and I thought I was good enough to get him out and that’s what happened,” Sreesanth said after a heated altercation with Graeme Smith. However, Paul Harris, the South African spinner accused Sreesanth of getting personal. “We all know that normally Smith never reacts on the ground but I am sure he must have something personal. If Sreesanth has done that it’s not great for him to do that,” he said. 

Started Dancing After Hitting Andre Nel For A Six

Just the watch the video, and we don’t need to say anything more. 


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