5 Sex Injuries You Won't Believe
5 Sex Injuries You Won’t Believe

“During a seriously strenuous reverse cowgirl session my lady friend swooned forward and I felt a pop”

If you don’t know the questions, then sex is definitely the answer, a great man once said. But sex is not always the answer for some, like Pope Leo VII (January 936 – July 939). Many believe that he died of a heart attack while having sex with his supposed girlfriend. It is said the circumstances surrounding his death is unrecorded, so you can take this incident with a pinch of salt.


But his legacy still lives on in a lot of bedrooms. Not all necessarily leading to death, but gruesome injuries and hysterical accounts of the accidents during fornication. Here are a few:


Penis burst


“I burst a blood vessel in my foreskin, on the top side of my uncut penis, at the junction between the head and the shaft,” says a Quora user.


“It swelled up like a balloon, forming a ball of blood about half an inch wide. The pressure and friction of my partners pelvic bone pushing against the side of my hard cock was enough to breach the vessel.” The skin itself was intact so the bleeding was entirely internal. There was no pain whatsoever – despite the alarming appearance of my penis! The blue squidgy balloon of blood took about two weeks to shrink and disappear, and eventually vanished without trace. I can no longer even remember the exact spot.”


Yee Haw


Another Quora user separated/stretched his ligament/tendon that runs from the top of the penis to abdominal wall.


“During a seriously strenuous reverse cowgirl session my lady friend swooned forward and I felt a pop, uncomfortable but not unbearable. A little sore for a while, years later I read that this is severed in penis lengthening surgery. Nowadays in my late 50s, after a night of lovemaking I sometimes feel like a 9V battery has been wired to my prostate.”


Fried nipples


In a 2008 case that shocked a small town in Pennsylvania, USA, a man called 911 to report that his wife had been electrocuted. He initially told police that his wife had been drying her hair after showering when it happened; however, it was later revealed that she was wearing nipple clamps attached to an electrical strip, which the husband used to provide her with a series of electric shocks.


The husband claimed that they were into “kinky sex” and that her resulting death was accidental; however, the jury didn’t completely buy his story and felt that he acted negligently. He was eventually convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 20-40 years in prison.


Doggy style


In 2008, a woman in Ireland died after having sexual intercourse with a German shepherd dog. The woman met the dog’s owner in an animal sex chatroom, which is how the encounter was initially arranged. However, it appears that she was allergic to the dog’s semen, which led to anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) and, ultimately, her death.


The courts ruled that the dog’s owner was innocent of any wrongdoing in the woman’s death because she participated in the activity on her own accord; however, the resulting publicity caused the owner to lose his job and led him to be disowned by his family.


BDSM gone wrong


In 2011, a man in Ohio, USA died as a result of choking on a sex toy attached to a gag during an act of sadomasochism gone awry. Apparently, the man had been tied to the bed face down with handcuffs and chains. Not only was he gagged, but he was also wearing a leather mask that had the mouth and eye holes zipped shut. All of this was reportedly done at the man’s request, and the person who assisted with the bondage was not present when he died.

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