5 Reasons Why FWB Relationships End


We’ve all been into these completely physical FWB relationships that don’t drain us emotionally but at the same time, we’re having our share of fun. But this does not mean that there aren’t problems between fuck buddies at all. In fact they sometimes even lead to the end of this ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement.




When one of you starts developing feelings of love towards the other one, it’s either time to express and wish for the other person to arrive on the same boat; or to say goodbye.


Social pressure


You guys are fooling around but suddenly one day your FWB’s family wants them to get arranged married. And sometimes the pressure becomes too much for people to handle and they have to give in.




One morning you wake up next to your friend with benefit and start feeling hollow for all the ‘meaningless’ sex. And there comes a point when it bothers you too much to carry on.


Lack of balance


In some of these sexual arrangements, the priorities of one person start becoming more important. So if you’re doing it only as per their convenience, you’re ultimately forced to take a stand for yourself.


Friendship > Sex


If you guys have been friends for a long time and think that the sex is ruining that bond, then it’s always better to go platonic again. Sex can be lost and found but true friendships are hard to find.

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