5 Push-Up Mistakes That You Are Probably Making
5 Push-Up Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

Not completing the full range of motion and doing it too fast are two very common mistakes.

Push-Ups are the most well known of all bodyweight exercises for a reason. They are a compound movement which means they target multiple muscles, they can be done anywhere and they are extremely flexible so that both beginners and those at an elite level of fitness can find growth. 


But a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to doing it right. So without further ado, let’s look at some mistakes people (courtesy Scott Herman fitness) might be making. 

Not doing the full range of motion


A lot of people just to make sure that they complete their quota of reps, make the mistake of not going all the way down or going all the way up. You need your chest to hit the floor when you go down, and you need both your hands to be fully straight when you go up. 

Flaring your elbows out wide

Another mistake that people make with their form is that they flare their elbows out wide. Which means that their elbows are not facing their knees but instead facing the side walls. Ideally, if you want to activate your chest and triceps appropriately, you should keep your elbows facing towards your knees all the time. 

Not keeping a straight spine

People who have a weak core usually don’t get into a plank position before doing a push up. Either their butt is too high or too low. Imagine your spine as a straight metal rod while doing the push ups. 

Doing it too fast

Some people do push ups as if they are trying to set a record. This also helps do a greater number of push-ups, but please remember that you want to do your job right if you want to build a big chest. If you do it too fast, usually, your range of motion goes for a toss, as you can’t concentrate properly. 

Not progressing with the movement

Your body adapts to typical push-ups after a while, and your chest muscles stop growing. To cause hypertrophy, you need to different variations of push-ups like the clap push-ups, one handed push-ups or diamond push-ups. Even dive bomber push ups are an option. 

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