5 Indian Actors Who Could Play X-Men Characters

Hugh Jackman made us all happy by saying that Shah Rukh Khan would be great for the role of Wolverine. If only, our film industry’s budgets allowed us to make movies as grand as the X-Men series. Still, there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking. So, just to amuse ourselves (and you, dear reader) we’ve come up with a list of Bollywood actors who we would like to see as X-Men characters.



Magneto (Naseeruddin Shah)


We love Naseeruddin Shah as a megalomaniacal villian, and were impressed y his performance in films like Sarfarosh. He’d be great as Magneto, the man who can manipulate all things metal.


Cyclops (Varun Dhawan)


Usually, Varun Dhawan does comic roles, but he showed us that he wasn’t a one-trick pony by performing brilliantly in Badlapur. Dhawan has our vote to play the role of Cyclops, who can cause destruction through his eyes.


Jean Grey (Deepika Padukone)


Jean Grey’s character is complex and challenging, and she is also very good-looking. Deepika Padukone will fit perfectly in her shoes as she is a great actress with a range of emotions under her kitty.


Storm (Sushmita Sen)


Sushmita Sen is on a sabbatical from Bollywood, but we really think we should see her angry side and a role like Storm is just what the doctor ordered. Her dusky skin tone and superb hair only adds to her case.


Professor X (Amitabh Bachchan)


The Superstar Of The Millenium, Amitabh Bachchan can play any kind of role and we think there is no one better in Bollywood to play the role of Professor X. He has proved that he can fulfill leadership roles with elan in films like Sarkar and Mohabbatein.

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