5 Grooming Tips To Be A Hit With The Women This Movember
5 Grooming Tips To Be A Hit With The Women This Movember

Is your face fuzz driving the women away? In your quest to successfully pulling off a Movember look, are you that hobo whom everyone avoids at the party? Is your love life turning out to be as unkempt as your stache? Not anymore.


Before we get into anything let’s make it very clear that this Movember thing-a-ma-jig is in support of male health and primarily cancer awareness. The amount of money men spend on shaving and grooming every month is to be donated towards this cause – that is what Movember is all about. So, before you go batshit crazy about #Movember #LookAtMyFuzz #WhoIsTheFuzziestOfThemAll, take a while out and do a good deed.


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But, while you are at it, is it getting tough in the dating game? Are you coming across as a creep or a homeless guy or a pretentious artist or a regular powder snorter or a stinking pile of shit (their words, not ours)? Is your fuzz getting in the way of getting laid? You need some guidance with grooming, methinks. And trust us, nothing gets them ladies going like some manly face fur. Lumbersexual is here to stay and a good beard and moustache is as masculine as it gets.





So, here’s what you need to do for maintenance:


Yes, the first week is a tad itchy. You feel strange and try hard to get used to this new thing on your face. Scratching your cheek continuously like you’ve got a flea community living in it is not sexy at all. Carry a beard-stache comb and comb regularly to keep the beard clean. Invest in a good conditioner to keep your beard soft and easy. Combing also improves appearance and prevents ingrown hairs.


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It is very important to wash and moisturize regularly. Use a special beard oil and use twice daily, especially because the weather is really dry these days. Massage in a circular motion and follow up with a combing.





Wax to keep everything under control. Waxes are perfect for styling purposes and to shape your facial fuzz. Work a small amount into your moustache and shape it with your fingertips or apply all over your growth and comb it out.





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How do you fight beard dandruff? Start with using a facial scrub twice a week to remove dead cells, skin flakes and to release ingrown hairs. Combine that with hydrating the skin beneath your beard with a non-sticky moisturiser or specialist conditioner, like we mentioned.


And lastly, no one will lynch you for a little trimming to keep everything in shape. Use a beard trimmer to sculpt your moustache and snip stray ones with ‘stache scissors.

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