5 Footballers Who Deserve A Contract Extension At Their Current Club
From Sergio Busquets To Marco Reus, Here Are 5 Footballers Who Deserve Contract Extensions

When Marco Reus had time to move to greener pastures, he chose to stay at Borussia Dortmund. Shouldn’t the club return the favour now?

The summer transfer window this season has got off to an eventful start, with the crazy tussle between Real Madrid and PSG for Kylian Mbappe hogging all the limelight. But now that the Mbappe’s future in Paris is confirmed, other transfer deals are gaining a lot of traction. 


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With so many young talents arriving on the scene, the market is full of promises for clubs that are going through a transition. Equally important is to not lose a sense of what they already have—the old guards who are on the wrong side of the 30 but still play an important role in their teams.

Let’s take a look at five footballers who are over 30 but deserves contract extension at their current clubs:

1. Cesar Azpilicueta

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Not for once in the entire season, Chelsea went into the half-time with a goal deficit, and much of it owes to Cesar Azpilicueta, who was rock solid in the defence. Azpilicueta is a natural right-back, but excelled in his new role in the three-at-back formation, allowing Reece James to play as wing-back where he was able to create chances with his dashing sprint and well-measured crosses. His contract comes to an end next year, and he definitely deserves the extension. 


2. Toni Kroos

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Real Madrid have already extended Luka Modric’s contract for a year, and now they must do the same with Toni Kroos, who will enter his last season of contract this year. Just when doubts were starting to creep in about his utility at Real Madrid, he showed his experience and composure and controlled the entire midfield in the Champions League final. Real Madrid surely could use a big-game player like Kroos. 


3. Sergio Busquets

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Sergio Busquets’ deal with Barcelona runs up till 2023. Given the financial turmoil the Catalan club is going through, it makes little sense to not offer an extension to Busquets, who provides much-needed stability to their inexperienced midfield.


“I think I can help and I am helping,” he said. “I still have a year on my contract. I am going step by step. I know I am 33. I will end this season and go into the last year of my deal, with the World Cup, so it will be different with the break in the middle for that,” said Busquests, who is also ready to take a wage cut.

4. Thiago Silva

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Chelsea have already lost Antonio Rudiger to Real Madrid, and Andreas Christensen is on the verge of accepting an offer from Barcelona. So they can’t afford to lose Silva, who hasn’t let age get the better of him. Thomas Tuchel understands his significance to the club, and he once compared him to Benjamin Button, the fictional character who aged backward.


5. Marco Reus

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When Marco Reus had time to move to greener pastures, he chose to stay at Borussia Dortmund. Now Reus’ contract is set to expire next season, and he has expressed his desire to finish his career at Dortmund. He has been the club captain since 2018, and the face of the club since his arrival. It’s time for Dortmund to return the favour now. 


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