5 Bollywood actors who need to get a new job
5 Bollywood actors who need to get a new job

It’s time to make a career shift. And we have some suggestions for them



You can be a jack of many trades and we don’t want you to restrict yourself to just one “trade”. Here are five of Bollywood’s leading men who, we think, should start looking at different career options.


Abhishek Bachchan – Daddy Day Care Owner



Well, there is nothing wrong with the man of the house manning the house. While Aishwarya is making a comeback (for the umpteenth time) to cinema with Jazba, Abhishek’s last release was as the pukes-at-the-drop-of-a-hat sidekick to SRK in Happy New Year. And no, he didn’t do a good job at that. So, while he is definitely at home, chilling with his daughter, he might as well get his friends to drop off their kids at his bungalow too. Teach them a thing or two about…well, something. He’ll figure it out.


Riteish Deshmukh – Drag Academy



Few men do such a bloody good job as a woman, and by the look of it, Riteish seems to love what he is up to. He was definitely the most graceful of the trio in Humshakals. And with Indian television and cinema’s obsession with dressing men up as women (and because the Indian audience, for some weird reason, gets a kick out of it), it is time people learned from the best. We recommend Riteish to join hands with Gaurav “Shopkeeper” Gera and open a school for drag aspirants.


Arjun Kapoor – Weight Loss Consultant



He became famous for losing his weight. Then he got famous for having affairs with the wrong people’s wives. Now he is famous for being Ranveer Singh’s sad sidekick. Arjun Kapoor is neither good looking nor an actor to look out for. He should really cash in on his weight loss journey and change millions of other obese lives.


Saif Ali Khan – Being a Nawab



From his last few films, it is evident that Saif has lost his touch. Both him and Kareena are more interested in their frequent Gstaad holidays and polo events than making a good film. Kareena’s latest outing as item girl Mary who is sau takka teri is just abysmal. So, why not just go into your palatial mansions and become a full-time Nawab? Take a leaf out of Prince William’s book, Saif. Make appearances, have an entourage – just act like you two are royalty. Which you are. So, it should come easily to you. It’s serious work, y’know.


Salman Khan – Member of Parliament



He’s controversial, sends out mindless tweets, have lawsuits piled up in his name that will drag in courts for another decade at least, been in and out of jail a few times – what else should he be doing? And given his fandom, he will get elected easily.



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