5 Actors Who Could Play Bal Thackeray Better Than Nawazuddin Siddiqui
5 Actors Who Could Play Bal Thackeray Better Than Nawazuddin Siddiqui

We are not saying Nawazuddin Siddiqui will deliver a dud performance without even seeing the movie.

It’s Bal Thackeray’s 91st birth anniversary today. And while it’s common practice for us to indulge in sone wishful thinking about who should play a famous personality in their biopic, we don’t have the same luxury this time considering Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s already playing Thackeray.  


Yet, we think he is not the right choice not because he is a bad actor, but because so many others could play Thackeray better. Let’s take a look at our alternative choices.


Shah Rukh Khan



SRK has never been part of a biopic before this. And we’re sure he needs a role that does justice to his personality. His star power will also ensure that there are enough takers for this biopic to be made on an extremely grand scale. As far his speeches are concerned, few can match the eloquence of Thackeray – but SRK surely can.


Arjun Rampal



He’s already successfully played Arun Gawli in Daddy, and we think he got the body language and the accent of a Marathi politician right down to the T. We don’t know if other actors (read Nawaz) could put in the effort that Arjun put, to get those mannerisms right. It’s one thing playing a great character, quite another when you have to portray a real human being.


Atul Kulkarni



Even though he may not bring in the crowds quite like other actors, Atul Kulkarni is a perfect choice from a pure artistic point of view. He already has the accent, and the seething anger in his eyes while delivering speeches will be an absolute treat to watch.


Nana Patekar



Again, like SRK, Nana Patekar has made extremely impassioned speeches in films like Krantiveer, and we hope that he makes them in this one too. It’s been long Nana, since we’ve seen you in your angry avatar. Bollywood needs you back as a lead actor.


Ranveer Singh



If he can play Bajirao, he can play Bal Thackeray too. Ranveer Singh is a versatile actor, who likes to go under the skin of the character and there are few roles or biopics we’ll not choose him for. Just like SRK, Ranveer would bring in the funding required to make the film on a grand scale.

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