10-year-old son of a Haryana milkman lifts Junior World Golf title
10-year-old son of a Haryana milkman lifts Junior World Golf title

Golf prodigy Shubham Jaglan’s story is one for the movies

Shubham Jaglan is fresh from his recent victory in the 9-10 year-old category of the IMG Academy Junior World Championship in San-Diego. He happens to be extremely gifted when it comes to golf, which is remarkable given the fact that he hails from rural Haryana with minimal exposure to the world of golf.




Jaglan, the son of a milkman, honed his considerable abilities training in an abandoned agriculture field, practicing bunker shots from a cement mixer filled with sand while absorbing the rest through osmosis as he watched countless videos of professional golf on YouTube.




The 10-year-old first came in contact with the sport when an NRI opened up a small golf course in Jaglan’s village, following which he purchased some golf equipment, hoping to get the locals to develop an interest in the sport. Failing to do so, he left his equipment at Shubham’s home, having observed that Shubham was prodigiously gifted.


According to an article in the Huffington Post, Shubham was later trained by the Golf Foundation, run by Arjuna Awardee and Asian gold medallist Amit Luthra.  



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